ACTI is maintaining a Library with 300 & more books on Chemical Technology with a set of Encyclopedia by Kirk & Othmer for references of ACTI members & Students.

ACTI Memberships

The following membership is offered.
(1) Life
(2) Patron
(3) Institutional

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Deadline: 31/03/2021

Nominations are invited from the persons working in the following four areas.

1. Innovation in Textile processing, Chemicals and Auxiliaries
2. Innovation in Dye Stuff
3. Innovation in Environmental and Green Chemistry
4. Novel Ideas in Chemistry Selected applicant will be intimated for the respective award and will be felicitated by ACTI.

Who we are?

The main objective of ACTI is to provide and promote technical education directed principally towards all branches of Chemical Technology

The Association

The Association of Chemical Technology (India) well known as ACTI has been established in the year 1962 and registered as a Trust in the year 1965. The main objective of ACTI is to provide and promote technical education directed principally towards all branches of Chemical Technology, to encourage Research and Development of new methods, new products as also new techniques in chemical technology, to enhance educational activities and to promote alround advancement of Science and Chemical Technology amongst the members by arranging lectures of experts, seminars, conferences, training workshops and courses in the Industry and educational institutes.


The vision of ACT in the coming millennium is to survive & to prosper as also to promote advancement of science & technology. The beginning has been undertaken by activating textile educational institutes at grass root level by encouraging the students by giving merit awards and arranging competitions. The whole purpose is to create knowledge based culture and environment befitting this millennium. For Self modification of members and students the following activities were worked out and implemented. i.e. offering Hon. Membership, Student participation, award of certificates. ACTI nominates students to visit exhibitions of international conferences etc. outside Ahmedabad.


Initially the memberships were restricted to BUDCT graduates Later it was open for all technologists like textile chemistry e.g. Chemical Engineering, Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Dyes & intermediates etc. Now a days ACTI is an Asso. of Professionals, (Entrepreneurs) and technocrats having 400 members throughout the country. For spreading activities of ACTI, 3 different chapters were started at. 1. Surat. 2.Vadodara. 3. Mumbai. At present ACTI organizes lecture series with the assistance of Western India Section of Textile Institute (Manchester) on every last Saturday of the month. We have entered into a “MOU” with RCTI College, Ahmedabad to encourage the students to educate through lecture series. The negotiations are going on with one eminent science college for entering into such MOU.


For the last 50 years ACTI is privileged  to work with the pioneer and leaders of  Textile  Industry. Late Shri R.N.Shah, Dr. P.C.Mehta, Shri K.K.Shah, Shri Anu Parikh, Shri G.K.Shah, Shri K.G.Shah, Shri M.K.Shah, Dr.H.C.Srivastav, Shri R.S.Koshti, Shri R.H.Alurkar, Dr.J.J.Shroff, Dr.S.D.Wadekar, Shri A.D.Bhagat, Shri K.J.Amin, Shri K.A. Shah, Shri R.H.Shah, Shri Narhari  shah, Shri N.K.Patel, Shri V.P.Shukla, Shri M.K.Shah, Shri R.K.Shah, Dr.N.M.Prasad, were the top technocrats.

These members were either elected or have contributed towards progress of ACTI by way of enhancing  activities.  ofcourse strictly following the rules and regulations of ACTI memorandum.
The Baroda Chapter of ACTI was started in 1965 by Dr.Gami of GSFC and others. The Surat Chapter was inaugurated on 19th October, 1980 under the leadership of Dr.R.S.Gandhi. The Bombay Chapter of ACTI became instrumental in expanding the activities of ACTI in the country.
Then a sad period came in. Shri K.M.Shah, Shri K.A.Shah, Shri Mahendra Shah, Dr.P.C.Mehta, Dr.H.C.Srivastav, Shri R.H.Shah expired one by one in a period of 2-3 years. The sad demise of these great personalities, indeed was a gloomy period in the history of ACTI.
Later, Dr.R.H.Alurkar became President and Shri R.K.Shah the Secretary. This team contributed towards the busy activities of ACTI.  During this period the ACTI office was renovated along with the facilities of  Computer, Fax, Printer and a Small  A/c.
There is a Seminar Room to accommodate 50-60 participants. Now ACTI is able to conduct Lectures and Refresher courses even at a short notice at its own seminar room. At this stage, some young and enthusiastic members entered in ACTI such as Shri A.D.Bhagat , Dr.S.D.Wadeker, Shri R.M.Sharma, Shri J.K.Shah, Shri G.D.Jasuja and many young members came in.
Under the presidential ship  of Dr.R.H.Alurker, ACTI successfully carried out the task of demerging all the ACTI Chapters at Baroda, Surat and Mumbai. This was done in order to smoothen the activities of ACTI and to avoid Income Tax complications. The Baroda and Surat are now independent chapters registered as separate organizations under the Charity Commissioner. The Bombay Chapter, however, has been closed.

Hitherto ACTI’s mainstay of activities was related to Textiles. It was imperative to change this mind set for ACTI’s existence and progress. This change was heralded by having dialogues and seminars on Chemical Technologies  related  to  Fertilizers,  Oils,  Plasma Science,  Environments,   Vegetable Dyes,  Bio-technology. Exports and Technical Education.
ACTI earmarked a decent sum for providing books and journals, under its educational activities. The student of  institutes like L.D.Engg. College and R.C.Technical Institute are encouraged (through subsidy) to take part in trade fairs, essay writing and paper presentation competitions. Scholarships are also provided to the needy and bright students of Chemical Technology.
In the last 10 to 15 years, it has been observed all over the world that there is a drastic reduction in attendance in seminars and conferences. Moreover, participants for such meetings are persons of ripe age. ACTI decided to overcome such lacuna in two ways. First, to increase rapport with a number of organizations and to conduct seminars jointly. For this ACTI has strengthened relations with the organization like ATIRA, Textile Association of India, Textile Committee, Institute for Plasma Research, Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturer’s Association, CII, Gujarat Chemical Association, UDCT Alumni Association etc.

                The Second strategy is to involve younger generation in the activities of the Association. A number of educational activities are, therefore planned and executed to generate interest amongst the students and to increase their exposure to new technologies. ACTI’s interaction with institutes like L.D.Engg. College, R.C. Technical Institute, NIRMA Institutes, National Institute of Fashion Technology, EDI etc. has increased during the last 4-5 years and ACTI regularly carries out its educational programmes for which the Association has earmarked a decent fund. Under the leadership of young and dynamic Dr.S.D.Wadekar and his team ACTI has decided to attract young dynamic people from areas as varied as Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Fertilizers, Nanotechnology and Education and involve them in the activities of ACTI.  ACTI is now all set to come back on the fast  track growth rate with high spirits of Dr.Wadekar and his team, followed by Shri  A.D.Bhagat  and  Shri Rajesh A. Shah who continued the thrust of ACTI activities till date

ACTI Memberships

The following membership is offered.

(1) Life   

(2) Patron 

(3) Institutional

ACTI Awards & Certificate

(1) Honorary Membership (Industry)

(2) Honorary Membership (Institutes)

(3)ACTI Inspiration Awards – Faculty members of Educational Institutes.

(4) ACTI Awards for Group Project Work – for Students and Faculty members.

(5) Technical Study Tour – for Students of Educational Institutes.

(6) Service Memento   -  Service & Contributions to ACTI over 15 Years.             

(7) Appreciation Memento -  Anybody contributing services, donations in educational activities.

(8) Life Time Achievement Award – Contributions/ Service of the member for 30 years who should be the President or Trustee atleast for one term.

(9) Toppers Award of ACTI – Diploma, Degree final year students in the state in Science & Chemical Technology (with associated institutes).

(10) Event Management – in Group

(11) Excellence in skill and creativity for the members of the ACTI.

Honorary Membership of ACTI  awarded in the year 2010


(1) Dr. M.L.Gulrajani,  Professor, Emeritus, Dept. of Textile Technology Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

(2) Shri Pravin A. Kiri, Executive Chairman, Kiri Dyes & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.

Inspiration Award 2010

Prof. J. H. Thakkar, Head-Textile Processing Department, Dr.S. & S.S. Ghandhy College of Engg.
& Technology, Majuragate, Surat.

Excellence in Skill & Creativity Award (Textile Printing Technolgy)

Mr.Bhupendrabhai M. Joshi


ACTI is maintaining a Library with 300 & more books on Chemical Technology with a set of Encyclopedia by Kirk & Othmer for references of ACTI members & Students.

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